Te damos la bienvenida a Kingston Falls: una ciudad tranquila y bonita, especialmente en Navidad. Quien hubiera dicho que en barrios tan pintorescos y nevados cobrarian vida los legendarios gremlins?

Welcome to Kingston Falls:

a calm, beautiful town, especially at Christmas time. Who could have predicted that in such picturesque, snow-capped neighborhoods, the Gremlins of legend would come to life? Take the opportunity to explore the town and invest in famous locations, but don’t let the invading Gremlins get in your way! Visit the Police Station and Kingston Falls Movie Theater — maybe you’ll dare to sing a Christmas carol for Mrs. Deagle as well! Will you invest in Peltzer’s wacky inventions, like the Bathroom Buddy or the Smokeless Ash Tray? Or maybe you’ll pop the question to someone special in Dorry’s Tavern… Buy Christmas lights and Christmas displays, invest bravely and bankrupt your opponents in your quest to buy up all the best places in Kingston Falls before these mysterious creatures take over! This special Gremlins edition of MONOPOLY also includes six custom tokens — chrysalis, Gizmo, boombox, popcorn, 3D glasses and a Santa hat. Choose your favourite and save your hometown

Brand: HasbroGaming, Winning Moves
Country: Spain, made in China
Year: 2021
Condition: Sealed

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