My Story

Welcome to my website, dedicated to all Monopoly enthusiasts.

I take great pride in being the largest collector in the Nordic region, boasting a collection of approximately 1000 unique Monopoly sets. While most of these sets remain new and sealed, I’ve also enjoyed playing around 200 sets with family and friends.

Soon, this website will showcase my entire collection, providing you with an opportunity to purchase duplicates from my extensive assortment.

But how did it all begin? As a young boy, my parents encouraged me to collect souvenirs from our vacation destinations. However, I struggled to find meaning in accumulating random trinkets. Since playing Monopoly was a beloved pastime for me and my friends, I took it upon myself to create unique rules and introduce a concept that transformed the game into a multi-level experience, akin to a parking garage with different tiers.

Inspired by my passion for the game, I proposed to my parents that instead of acquiring conventional souvenirs, I would like to purchase a Monopoly board game from each country we visited. This marked the inception of my vast collection.

At the age of 17, I acquired my first premium set—a magnificent wooden edition of Monopoly featuring silver houses, gold hotels, and gilded tokens. By the time I turned 25, my collection had expanded to include approximately 55 Monopoly sets. After reaching this milestone, I broadened my collection to encompass diverse variations of Monopoly, themed around sports, renowned brands, cities, hotels, universities, Star Wars, and even company chains.

A few years later, I received a Christmas gift in the form of a Guinness World Records book, which introduced me to Neil Scallan from the UK—the world’s foremost Monopoly collector, boasting an astounding 2200 sets. Motivated by his record, I reached out to him through social media, leading to numerous conversations. He graciously connected me with communities of fellow Monopoly enthusiasts, fueling my determination to expand my collection even further.

Consequently, my home transformed into a Monopoly haven, much to the chagrin of my wife, who expressed reservations about its overwhelming presence throughout our living space. Recognizing the necessity for a dedicated venue, I made the decision to purchase a location in Malmö.

My intention is to establish a showroom where individuals can marvel at my captivating Monopoly collection and even engage in games with me.

Once again, I extend a warm welcome to my site—a sanctuary dedicated to the enchanting world of Monopoly!