This deluxe anniversary edition celebrate the tradition and values of two of Americas favourite icons… Brooks Brothers and Monopoly.

Brooks Brothers
(United States of America)


Two Hundred Years of American Style


Enjoy this collectible edition of the classic American board game specially created to celebrate the classic American brand. This limited-edition version of the beloved game is uniquely customized for Brooks Brothers.

Designed in-house for our bicentennial and adorned with archival images, this special edition features signature playing pieces, board details and cards highlighting many of Brooks’ iconic fabrics, patterns, apparel styles, manufacturing facilities and store locations.

A handsome wooden storage box and wooden banker’s tray complete this fun and stylish version.


Includes deluxe fabric-backed game board housed in wooden box with removable wooden banker’s tray; 6 die-cast playing pieces; 32 houses; 12 hotels; 2 navy plastic dice; 16 Community Chest cards; 28 Title Deed Cards; 1 pack of Monopoly money.

Brand: Hasbro, Brooks Brothers
Country: USA, made in China with tokens made in USA.
Year: 2018
Condition: Sealed

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