Monopoly Bob Ross
Based on Bob Ross Show The Joy of Painting 
Monopoly Game Featuring Bob Ross Artwork 
  • Let nostalgia take over and bring the endless possibilities from TV’s The Joy of Painting series into your game room – get ready to shake the devil out of the dice and layer strategies against your precious little opponents to bankrupt them and win
  • Buy, sell, and trade works of art by 80s icon Bob Ross for the most riches
  • Includes 6 custom sculpted tokens: Fence, Owl, Squirrel, Pine Tree, Easel, and Palette
  • Houses renamed Cabins, Hotels renamed Covered Bridges, Community Chest Cards renamed The Joy of Painting and Chance Cards renamed,
  • 2-6 Players | Ages 8+ 
Brand: USAOPOLY, Hasbro
Country: USA, made in USA and dice made in China
Year: 2020
Condition: Sealed

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