Board game collection

I have collected Monopoly board games since I was five years old. Today I have the third largest collection of games in the world. Please scroll through my collection and enjoy the world of Monopoly.

My favorite games

Monopoly playmobil Embark on a globe-trotting quest in this brand-new PLAYMOBIL edition of MONOPOLY! Travel around the game board, from the Stable to the Police Headquarters, Princess Castle, and the Skull Pirate Ship, buy up iconic PLAYMOBIL sets and vehicles,…

Monopoly Surprise community chest, from Germany   10 surprises inside box Collect over 25 new tokens Not for small children under 36 months.

MONOPOLY Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One The Silver Arrow 2nd Edition. Win it all! Live the life of a high-flying traders in the fast-paced world of real estates as you become a property magnate. Tour the board and race your…

Monopoly DHL, from Hong Kong From 2021 HasbroGaming & Winning Moves Ages +8 Players 2-6

Monopoly Travel, from England Waddingtons & Parker Brothers USA Property trading board game Year ; Unknow Players 2-6 Ages -8

Monopoly PV AUTOTEILE from Germany 2005 Firmen - Edition meinewerkstatt Players 2-8 aged 8  

Monopoly WM - FUSSBALL EDITION France 98, from Germany France 98 World Cup Trademark FIFA Age 8+ Players 2-8 sealed

Monopoly MAROC Edition Original from France 2008 made in Irland Age 8+ Players 2-8 Used set

Monopoly SWANSEA University from UK 2018 100 year (1920-2020) Welcome to Swansea University! In 2020, Swansea University is celebrating its 100 year anniversary and to mark this historic milestone  we bring you this special edition MONOPOLY board. Tour Swansea University…

Smaller version of Monopoly Original from France They set is used. Version 1982, but made made 1985 in France.