MONOPOLY The Office u.s., From Australia


MONOPOLY The Office u.s.

Welcome to the hilarious world of The Office MONOPOLY! Have you ever dreamt about being part of the Scranton crew? Now’s your chance to sign up with Dunder Mifflin, thanks to this brand new edition of the fast-dealing property trading game.

Choose from 6 custom tokens based on classic moments from the beloved show, and tour your favourite characters’ desks. Visit iconic locations like Scranton Mall, Schrute Farms and Lake Scranton, and pick up World’s Best Boss and That’s What She Said cards for unexpected prizes and penalties — but watch out for extra taxes, bankruptcy and jail!

Invest in reams and boxes of paper, become Salesperson of the Year, and trade your way to success. Remember that there’s only room at the top for one!

AGES 14+

Players 2-6

Brand: HasbroGaming, Winning Moves, The Office u.s.
Country: Australia, made in China
Year: 2022
Condition: Sealed

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